Queen Mary’s University London Research

Nordic Walking UK,  has teamed up with Queen Marys University London to examine the health- and wellbeing-related benefits of the Nordic Walking UK Learn to Nordic Walk programme and regular Nordic walking participation. The cardiovascular benefits of exercise, and the wide-ranging benefits of walking, are well documented. The aim of this study is to examine changes in fitness, strength, flexibility and wellbeing in a large group of subjects recruited nationally before and after completing a 12-week Nordic Walking UK programme. The outcomes will be compared with existing data from traditional walking programmes, to explore the benefits specific to Nordic Walking UK’s teaching programme.

Select Nordic Walking UK Instructors nationally were invited to participate and I have been trained by QMUL to conduct the measurements so that new Nordic walking clients in 2017 will have the option to learn more about their own current fitness, strength, flexibility and wellbeing, and to see how our Nordic Walking UK programme benefits them over the next 3 months.

All the measures are optional, but the full research package includes:

  • Health-related fitness measurements
  • Cardiorespiratory fitness measurement
  • Lower body strength and endurance
  • Upper body strength and endurance
  • Lower body flexibility measurements
  • Questionnaires measuring wellbeing, anxiety, depression, flourishing and life satisfaction markers


For all new Nordic walking clients in January to March, 2017, there is no additional charge to participate in the research programme and gain more knowledge about their own fitness and wellbeing.  Participants will engage in the NWUK Learn to Nordic Walk programme and in regular Nordic walking classes with all clients. Additional sessions to conduct the measurements will be arranged.

If you’d like to learn to Nordic walk in 2017, whether you wish to participate in the research or not, please contact me on 01494 538929. We have regular Nordic walking taster sessions (see website details) – come and try Nordic walking and learn more about just how good Nordic walking can make you feel, and how to benefit from participating in the research programme.