Active Bucks

active-bucks-logo-smallNordic Walking UK has teamed up with Active Bucks to provide simple, fun and affordable exercise classes suited to older and less active residents in High Wycombe, Marlow and Princes Risborough. Active Bucks is a project funded by Buckinghamshire County Council aspiring to help residents lead happier and healthier lives through being more active more often. Visit for more information about the project.

Nordic Walking is quite unique in that it provides benefits for everybody from those with medical problems to the super fit. Whatever age, fitness level or goal – Nordic Walking is suitable, effective and enjoyable.

Physical/wellbeing Benefits:

  • Tones the upper and lower body at the same time.
  • Uses 90% of the major muscles.
  • Burns more calories than ordinary walking.
  • Reduces the pressure on knees and joints.
  • Great for the heart and lungs.
  • Ideal for neck, shoulder and back problems.
  • Poles propel the walker along, making it easier to move faster than normal without feeling the effort.
  • Sociable and mood boosting, reduces stress whilst connecting with nature.

Active Bucks 60 Minute Wellbeing Walks Starting in September 2018

A gentle safe way to walk yourself fitter! These walks include exercises that help with flexibility, balance and strength whilst using poles to improve general fitness and increase joint mobility. Suitable for those of you who want to build up to the longer or more vigorous walks or may have concerns about your  health. The main components comprise of a warm-up, Cardio fitness, muscular strength, posture and balance using the poles, relaxation with some mindfulness techniques, finishing with stretches.

We are passionate about helping you become more active in the great outdoors so book on today or contact us if you would like more information.

Court Garden Leisure Centre, Pound Lane, Marlow, SL7 2AE starts Monday 17th September 13.30-14.30 and weekly thereafter

Hughenden Garden Village, High Wycombe, HP13 5GA  starts Tuesday 18th September 14.00-15.00 and weekly thereafter

Risborough Springs Swim & Fitness Centre, Wades Park, Stratton Rd, Princes Risborough, HP27 9AX – starts Thursday 20th September 13.15-14.15 and weekly thereafter